COVID-19 Restart Plan for Travel Soccer

UpdatedWednesday June 24, 2020 byPatrick Bailey.

Return to Play protocols and guidance has been approved for Travel Soccer to begin soccer activities for our players and teams starting when Montgomery County, PA goes "Green" (26Jun2020).  Our guidance has been developed from CDC, PA Dept of Health and Eastern PA Youth Soccer guidance recently published.  This ensures we have a careful and purposeful restart so that we may continue to progress toward a full fall soccer season.


Restart of play will initially be comprised of no-contact training with strict field density limits.  If things continue to progress well, we will be able to ramp up activities to include intra-squad scrimmaging and team training and then competitions toward summer end.


Responsibility highlights within the restart plan include:

Club Responsibilities :

  1. Monitoring of all participant compliance to guidance and the health of our volunteers and players.
  2. Implementing a purposeful schedule and a limit on the number of participants on each field
  3. Providing supplemental supplies for Coaches (masks, gloves and sanitizers)

Coach Responsibilities:

  1. COVID 19 Waiver.  Complete the COVID19 Waiver.  This is MANDATORY BEFORE you can run team events. 
  2. Instructing, following and policing (if necessary) the guidelines for restart – social distancing and good hygiene practices (including sanitizing)
  3. Wearing a mask on the field and adding gloves if attending to an injured player
  4. Arranging field equipment setup/tear down – players don’t do this for now!
  5. Sanitizing common use equipment
  6. Executing NO CONTACT training initially and ramping up team activities per Club guidance.

Player/Family Responsibilities:

  1. COVID 19 Waiver.  Login to your WRA family account on our website and complete the COVID19 Waiver.  This is MANDATORY BEFORE you can attend team events.
  2. Following the social distancing measures including wearing masks at field locations and not congregating as groups on the sidelines or parking lots
  3. Assessing the health of your player(s) and excluding them from participation if they are ill or have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive person.
  4. Communicating to your Coach any illness and/or COVID-19 exposure
  5. Laundering all training clothes and sanitizing any other equipment that can’t be laundered.
  6. Ensuring that your player
    1. Has labeled all their equipment, brings their own soccer ball and knows they cannot share equipment, water or snacks
    2. Keeps their belongings at an appropriate distance from other players belongings while at the field location
    3. Has a mask and wears it to/from the field location (not required while training/playing)
    4. Has hand sanitizer and uses it after training (the player may wear batting gloves if they wish)
    5. Understands that they will not spit and will not shake hands, fist bump or other physical interaction with anyone else
    6. Understands that they should let the coach move field equipment

WRA Return to Play Slides_22Jun2020_final.pdf