Intramural Soccer Skills Training (ISST)

U9 and older.

UpdatedMonday May 24, 2021 byDave Frank.

The Intramural Soccer Skills Training (ISST) Program will offer Intramural Soccer players, born in 2012 or older, an extra training session each week targeting essential soccer skills using fun, game-based training events. ISST will hold practices with US Soccer certified, volunteer coaches twice per week so your child will be able to attend one ISST practice and the practice and game with their Intramural team each week.

For the less experienced players, these events will focus on the basics of Dribbling, Passing, and Shooting. More experienced players will target 1-on-1 play, improved ball handling, active passing challenges, and both shooting and goalkeeping games. ISST practices will finish with intrasquad scrimmages so the kids can demonstrate what they have learned at practice.

This program is designed to give IM Soccer players a chance to further develop their skills and improve the Intramural Soccer experience. There will be a registration fee for the ISST Program but we are confident that both you and your player will see the added training enhance their skills over the Fall season so they can enjoy the Intramural experience even more.

To register, login to your WRA account. For more information, please email Paul Laub from the Intramural Soccer Committee for more details regarding the ISST Program, registration, or coaching opportunities.