Input Needed || Important Parks & Recreation Survey

UpdatedMonday October 26, 2020 byBrendan Flatow.

Dear WRA Members:

Whitpain Township needs your help and insight on the future of the Township’s parks and recreation system, including the newly acquired Mermaid Lake property.  Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey (CLICK HERE) and join the WRA in expressing your strong interest in a new indoor training facility that will benefit the entire community.

As one of the primary users of Whitpain’s parks, WRA has much at stake in this discussion.  WRA is grateful for all that the Township has done to improve the outdoor playing fields and facilities that our young athletes use.  Center Square Park and Wentz Run Park now sport top notch playing fields and facilities.  WRA wants to make sure the Township prioritizes maintenance and future improvements to those impressive facilities. 

WRA believes that the next step in improving the Township’s award winning parks and recreation facilities is an indoor community center and sports training facility with indoor courts and playing surfaces.  Simply put, WRA needs more indoor training facilities not only for its growing basketball program, but for all of its sports programs (soccer, field hockey and baseball/softball) which regularly train and play indoors.  WRA currently spends a small fortune renting space from the Wissahickon School District, private schools, and for-profit indoor training facilities, many of which are located far from Whitpain.  Due to increased demand from WRA’s programs, and competing for-profit youth sports programs, local facilities are maxed out.  The demand for a new indoor training facility in Whitpain is clear.  There are many competing proposals for what exactly to build, where to build it, who should build it, and how to finance the project; but there is a growing consensus that the community needs a new indoor facility. 

Please take 5 minutes to complete the survey.  The Township is looking to the community for direction about the future of Whitpain’s parks and recreation.  We hope you’ll join WRA in expressing your strong interest in a new indoor community center and sports training facility.  Of course, the survey contains many other important recreation priorities which also need your attention and input.  WRA values all of the recreational opportunities in our Township, and we appreciate the trails, open spaces, and passive parks in the community.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email ( with any questions. Thanks for your support.   

See you out on the fields, and hopefully at the new indoor facility…


Sean O’Donnell
President, Whitpain Recreation Association