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Training plans and syllabus

UpdatedThursday July 15, 2021 by Paul Laub.

A web page devoted to the IM Soccer syllabus and gathering training plans for WRA Soccer coaches.

WRA IM Soccer syllabus - coming soon

US Soccer

Grassroots Soccer Coaching training overview

Introduction to Grassroots Soccer Coaching course - free

WRA IM Soccer has money set aside for coaches to pursue licenses. Please contact the WRA IM Soccer Chairperson for more information.

EPYSA Training plans:

Training plan title PDF of Training Plan Digital Book of Training Plan Applicable WRA IM Soccer division
EPYSA U6 Training plans PDF Digital Book Preschool, PreKindergarten, and Kindergarten age groups
EPYSA U8 Training plans PDF Digital Book all 4v4 divisions; 1st Grade and 2nd Grade
EPYSA U10 Training plans PDF Digital Book all 7v7 divisions; 3/4 Grade divisions
EPYSA U12 Training plans PDF Digital Book early 9v9 divisions; 5/6 Grade divisions
EPYSA U14 Training plans PDF Digital Book Middle School divisions
EPYSA U16 Training plans PDF Digital Book High School divisions

Massachusetts Youth Soccer

Physical Distancing Session Plans - U6, U8, U10, U12, and U14 sessions available

U6 training plans applicable for PreKindergarten and Kindergarten

U8 training plans applicable for 4v4 teams: 1st and 2nd Grade divisions

U10 training plans applicable for 7v7 teams: 3/4 Grade divisions

U12 training plans applicable for early 9v9 teams: 5/6 Grade divisions

U14 training plans applicable for Middle School divisions