Intramural Soccer

UpdatedWednesday May 18, 2022 by Paul Laub.

Vision of WRA Intramural Soccer (IM Soccer)

To provide children from 3 years old to Senior year in High School who live in and around Whitpain township opportunities to have fun playing Soccer, develop their love of Soccer, and develop their skills to their utmost in a supportive environment.

Mission Statement

WRA Intramural Soccer organizes training sessions and games for kids from 3 years old to Senior year in High School where their members will learn the fundamentals of Soccer. At the youngest ages members are trained by paid coaches and supported by volunteer coaches. As the kids age through the program, volunteer coaches will train them in more advanced skills and concepts as the game expands from 4v4, to 7v7, to 9v9, and, when possible, 11v11. Adult guardians and motivated teenaged members will be considered for volunteer coaching positions and supported by the Intramural Soccer Committee with coaching clinics, training courses,  and sample training sessions.

Recommended equipment

Soccer, fortunately, has some of the lightest equipment needs but WRA IM Soccer does require all kids to wear shin guards under long socks to all games. Additionally we recommend each kid brings their own water bottle to events and their own soccer balls and please label all their items with their names:

Division Ball size
Preschool through 2nd grade Size 3
3rd through 6th grade Size 4
7th grade and older Size 5





Current activities

WRA 2022 Spring Soccer

Registration for WRA Spring Intramural Soccer is now OPEN!

This spring WRA and Smart Soccer continue their longstanding partnership by offering another spring soccer season for our players. The spring season comprises once a week sessions including skills and small-sided games with the emphasis on FUN! All registered players, of all ages, will receive reversible jerseys to use at the events this Spring, please make sure to request a jersey size which will fit over any clothing or jackets the kids may wear.

As in the past spring seasons a professional trainer from Smart Soccer will work with each age group of players assisted by WRA volunteer parent coaches as needed. Activities will be FUN, age appropriate and each session will conclude with small sided games. There are no preset teams for the Spring season but the trainers will arrange teams at each event. The Preschool events will last 45 minutes and parents are required to assist their child on the field.

The season is scheduled to begin the week of April 4 concluding the week of May 23. The planned weekly schedule is as follows, please note there may be necessary adjustments to this schedule based on final registration numbers. There will be a preseason coaches meeting during the last week of March.

Venue: Shady Grove Elementary School.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday training Saturday games
3/4 Co-ed skills @ 5:45 pm Pre-Kindergarten (4 year old) @ 5:45 pm

Kindergarten (5 year old) @ 5.45 pm

3/4 Co-ed skills @ 5:45 pm

Preschool (3 year old) @ 9:00 am

3/4 Pickup games @ 9:00 am
5/6 Co-ed skills @ 6:45 pm 1st and 2nd grade @ 6:45 pm 1st and 2nd grade @ 6.45 pm 5/6 Co-ed skills @ 6:45 pm Preschool (3 year old) @ 10:00 am 5/6 Pickup games @ 10:00 am

1st and 2nd grade players can choose to either practice with the trainers from Smart Soccer and our volunteers on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings according to their schedule. 3rd & 4th grade girls and boys and 5th and 6th grade girls and boys will get to select to train on either Mondays or Thursdays and all 3rd through 6th grade players are welcome to attend the pickup games on Saturday mornings.

Events cancelled due to weather may be rescheduled into June. The Spring Soccer Directors will communicate those details.

Volunteer coaches are needed for all divisions!

For our kids in 7th through 12th grade we will be holding pickup soccer events for them this Spring during the week and on Sundays. These sessions will play from early April until the end of May and last 60-90 minutes depending on what the kids want and will be scheduled by the Spring Soccer Directors and they will communicate those details. Players may participate in any of the pickup sessions which are convenient for them. Depending on attendees at the games they may be divided by gender by the volunteer coaches at those events.

For these pickup soccer events we will need parent volunteers to organize and monitor these games. These Coaches will organize the field while the kids warm up and then help pick teams so the games are competitive and fun. The games will take place on lined fields at Shady Grove Elementary.

Thank you to Jackie Woodson and Dana Vandergrift for stepping up to help run the Spring Soccer program. Please contact them with any questions about the program and they'll be happy to help.

If you have any other questions about WRA IM Soccer, please reach out to the Chairperson, Paul Laub, and he can answer your questions.

Summer Camps in Our Area: If your player wants to develop her/his skills in preparation for the coming season, a summer camp is a great way to do it. Here are links to some in our area (if you know of others, please notify us).

Volunteer! Our organization is managed and coached by volunteers. Please register as a volunteer to coach, help with equipment distribution, assemble teams, or assist the head referee. The program will be better if you donate some time, and that commitment is minimal as long as everyone pitches in! (Full job descriptions).

Current WRA IM Soccer Committee

Division Commissioner Area Director
Preschool NONE Facilities Director Chris Donnelly
Pre-Kindergarten NONE Equipment Director NONE
Kindergarten Anna Lall Spirit Store Director Grace Pak
1B - 1st grade Boys Stephanie Speece Rec Select Director Sean Ruhren
1G - 1st grade Girls Ali Tantino ISST Director Paul Laub
2B - 2nd grade Boys Kattie Karas Winter IM Soccer Director Dana Vandergrift
2G - 2nd grade Girls NONE Spring IM Soccer Directors Dana Vandergrift and Jackie Woodson
3/4B - 3rd/4th grade Boys Grant Gochenauer    
3/4G - 3rd/4th grade Girls Dana Vandergrift    
U12 Boys Michael Ferenschak U12 Girls Melissa Lore
U14 Boys NONE U14 Girls NONE
U16 Boys NONE U16 Girls NONE
U19 Boys NONE U19 Girls NONE
Learn to Coach or Polish Your Skills: We are sponsoring a limited number of Coaching Certifications through EPYSA. Volunteer coaches can easily learn how to teach essential skills and drills for their children's age group. Our hope is that our coaches will feel more confident and at ease, even with little or no experience as players. In turn, kids benefit by developing their skills more quickly. More information will be posted when the details are finalized. 

WRA Intramural Soccer Manual An in depth presentation of the modified rules we follow, with specifics for each division regarding teams, games, our general philosophy - kids having fun, learning sportmanship and teamwork - and much more. Download a copy (link below) - it's a fascinating read!!

FIFA Laws of the Game

For questions on the programs, contact Intramural Soccer Chair: Paul Laub,

WRA Intramural Soccer Manual